Monday, April 15, 2013

Professor “X”

I’m just done with the first year of my graduate school and I can’t wait to finish it in one more year. I can’t imagine how tough it is to deal with everyday things when you are working to earn money and at the same time, going to school to earn your Master’s degree. But its fine and I still manage to enjoy it. Guess you will endure all the sufferings if you really want what you are doing. There are just some things that you will encounter along the way that maybe added to your challenges and whatever you are up to, you really have to deal with those accordingly.

People who knew me well sometimes call me “the gay magnet”. I am honestly confused if this is a positive connotation or something that I should be alarmed with. I mean I don’t see no harm with gays. I see they are fun to be with and I actually did blog unbiasedly about them and you can check it right at this link: Homosexuals at ang Lipunan. Its just sometimes, I get a little to seriously uncomfy when a certain person of my same gender shows a certain kind of affection to me and what bothers me more is if that person is one of those you are greatly respected. I know there’s a lot of stories out there about the professor who get hooked up with their student and consequently became their lover. I can say that I’m on the same page with the majority of students who experience such, but mine is a bit intense in as far as having homosexual lover is concern. Back in college, I got few indecent proposals from gay faculties that I certainly rejected and actually, will never ever accept. The same story is happening to me here in graduate school when one of my professor confessed that he really likes me and he’s willing to give me all I want if I agree to be his partner. Of course I refused so hard that I told him “Never in a million years that I will accept such kind of proposal Sir. I respect you a lot and it will never change unless you insist what you desired.”. He gave the respect back and promised to retain our professional relationship as student and professor.

I know that it will be uneasy specially to my part because he’s one of my favorite and well respected professors but I have to be honest to myself, “I am not into same sex relationship.”. I keep hearing good things about same sex relationship and lots of homosexuals already tried to convince me to at least try it but no one succeed, no one will ever be. I condemn homosexual relationship not because of the morality issue but because it is not my heart is desired or wanted. I follow whatever my heart is saying because I do believe that things will get well if your decisions are carefully considered using more of your heart than mind. I agree that we think of practicality and in this material world, Its really important to use our mind than heart. But we should always think that there are things that can’t be exchanged for material things and real contentment and real happiness are one of those. At situations like what I’ve mentioned  that I frequently get into, I admit that its sometimes tempting. Tempting that at one time few years back, I almost said “yes” to one of the offer but that didn’t happen because I don’t feel like being into it and I’m sure that I won’t be happy if I agree to that kind of set-up.

It is so important that we understood that homosexuality exists from the very beginning and I don’t believe that it’s a moral sin to be included with one of them. However, just because we see no big deal with involving ourselves to such orientation doesn’t mean that we can always give it a try. Of course we have to be true to ourselves and if we don’t feel like being into it, then leave it alone. At the end of the day, its still the respect that people should give to one another especially when we talk about respecting differences.

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