Tuesday, September 15, 2015


As this coffee touches my lips, I can think freely.
As I sip every drop of it, I can picture your face vividly.
It makes me awake just to miss you so hardly.
I may not fall asleep but if I fall for you...will you catch me?

Where in the world can I find a great coffee?
Nowhere but in your heart, its flowing endlessly.
You give me palpitation but Im fine completely.
Listen to my heartbeat saying your name, Isnt that crazy?

Now I'm  down to the last drop and I still want another cup.
If its love its telling me, I wouldnt get enough.
I dont mind being addicted, I don't mind being drunk.
For in your loving arms, I'll surely find a rehab.

Ahhh... the aroma of coffee, freshly brewed and hot.
Reminds me of how happy it is to be in love.
Your smile, your tenderness, you're purely loving heart.
There maybe no forever but I'll love you back...until my last cup.