Monday, August 17, 2015

I Wouldn't

I haven't wrote a poem for ages now and I suddenly felt the urge of writing one. I don't know why but I've been hanging out with this very adorable girl for weeks now and she has the most gorgeous smile I've seen in years. She made me do this:

I wouldn't blink if I'm gonna miss seeing your lovely eyes.
I wouldn't breath and rather die if I eternally miss your smile.
I wouldn't leave and will always stay, Oh dear, there's no goodbye.
I will always fall in love with you and I will never get tired.

I would't say hopeless as long as I'm by your side.
I wouldn't keep secrets, whats the point of telling lies?
I wouldn't leave you in danger, with me you're always on a safe side.
I will always take care of you, you're my princess, my most fragile.

I wouldn't take advantage of weaknesses you posses.
I wouldn't expose you in harm, I'll take you away from mess.
I wouldn't give you headaches, you deserve the best.
You are my beauty, my princess, I don't mind being your beast.

I wouldn't offer you roses if I have a whole garden to give.
I wouldn't love you one thousand times, my love for you is infinite.
I wouldn't be infatuated, my feelings for you is ocean deep.
Love me back if I worth it, curse me instead if I ain't.