Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Lollipop

There's this story about a two people who happened to be office mates (before). The story partially evolved with a single, common, unpopular stuff called as "lollipop".

Adam as the guy's name, has this kind of weird habit of giving a lollipop to this girl whom have name as Alice. He always manage to give her a single lollipop every day during office time. Lucky for him, Alice appreciate it and decided to just accept the lollipops and return nothing but a sweetest smile which makes Adam feel like a bird flying in happiness. In short, they became close to each other (but not too close i guess). They have shared quiet lots of things with each other and just like any sweet and romantic story, one of them fell in love (even more) to another and that is Adam to Alice.

That was a couple of day before Valentines day but it has been a week or two since Adam started giving out lollipop to Alice. Maybe Alice started to wonder, "what are this lollipops for?" Then one afternoon, they got a chance to have a not so serious "texting-texting" that lately turned to a confusing and bothersome conversation. Their topic was about love. Curious Adam initiated the conversation unintentionally (it was not his intention because he only want to get close to Alice and dont have plans to bring it to another level as Alice might just reject him and kick him away...and the love topic they had that time definitely changed the color of their afternoon from happy color to the complicated one especially when the conversation went more and more personal. Adam didn't like it that way). As their conversation getting more serious, Adam decided to reveal the secret he had been keeping from inside of him for quiet long time ago. A split second when he's about to reveal his feelings to Alice, he changed his mind and pull back his finger from the "send" button. He decided to keep it for himself at the moment and might as well reveal his feelings to her at the perfect timing. Since its going to be a Valentines day soon, he thought it would be romantic if he invite the girl for a date at that very day. Although Alice insist to know what that secret is but since Adam desired to surprise her instead with the revelation on that secret, Alice just stopped asking about it.

That day, Adam really wants to let Alice know how much he love her. That he loved her from the moment he saw her. That he always wanted to be with her. That he can spend hours of long travel with her just to ensure that she can come home safely. That he can buy her a medicine every time she has a head ache. That he can definitely give her his jacket when she feel cold. That he can stay at her side as much as she will allow especially when she have problems. Most importantly, he will not waste the trust that she may give to him. But all of those phrases should be perfectly said and for them to be perfectly said, the words that should come first from Adam are those that which rationalize the cause of his wonderful plans for Alice...that word that even from the mouth of the greatest man ever stepped the earth had come out..those words that made a great songs become greatest,classical and unforgotten...those words like "I...LOVE...YOU."

Valentines day and Adam is excited. Everything that he need to surprise Alice is ready. He just have to wait for the shift to end and since Alice already agreed to go with him for that date, days before valentines day, Adam was fully confident that nothing can come to his way to ruin his date with that girl he dearly loved. Hours past and excitement keeps growing from Adam. On his excitement and maybe because theres no other thing that is running in his head that time, he approached Alice and ask the precious lady about the date. Unfortunately, instead of getting a happy response from her, these words from Alice though come out softly and gently sounded like a bang to him as loud as that bomb blasted in Buendia: "I need to go somewhere with my friends today.". Hearing those words ruptured Adams heart, tearing every tissues from his chest apart and when Alice added up this words "you wont see me again in this leaving and will never come back", his heart suddenly broke into pieces and left scattered on the floor.

The next thing happened was all dramatic. The saddest music played in Adams ear and all the sadness, pain and frustrations dominated his whole body and soul. Alice left the office without even looking back at him. Hes not even sure if ever Alice thought that what she did brings unforgettable pain to him. He just let her go and because he love her, he didnt say any negative words except..."always take care...alam mo naman number ko, text ka lang pag may problema ka."

Adam decided not to tell Alice about the lollipops. He decided to keep it secret that inside each and every lollipops he gave her can be found a little note saying what he really feels for her. He decided to just keep it to himself that he never failed to tell her how much he love her. He even say it to her everyday coz if she will be able to see those little notes inserted in the hole of every handle of those lollipops, she may thought that she had been so loved from the first time she received a lollipop from him down to the last one... Too bad, he never had a courage to tell her in person how much he love her. 

Perhaps Adam will always love Alice till the the world runs out of lollipop...but would there be a chance that he can also get that love in return?

And that is how the story about the "lollipop" ends.