Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Don't fuck with smokers.

Don't fuck with smokers.
Some of our soldiers do smoke coz they might die one day from bullets, not from smoke.
Some of our heroes did smoke but they died fighting for your country, not from smoke.
Most of the call center people smoke but they might die from very high income taxes and sleeplessness, not from smoke.
Even some of your teachers smoke coz government is already killing them with a low salary, not the smoke.
Some of the firemen cant get enough of smoke from burning houses and they still smoke coz fire could kill them, not the smoke.
Some of the politicians, good or bad ones do smoke but its their deeds that could kill them, not the smoke.
Smokers do not die from smoking. Like non-smokers, it is their way of life that kills them, not the smoke.