Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So you wanna go to college?

This is just my opinion and I'm not going to present any astounding facts to support it coz this thing has been going into my mind for a decade now and ofcourse everyone is entitled for his/her own opinion.

Today, young people flock from different walks of life trying to seek a brighter future through higher education in the form of lottery. Yes, it kinda look like a lottery for me simply because these young people don't even know where to go, what they want and the worst part? They don't even know the answers to the basic "why's" of life. I mean ask them why they're there, why they exist, and you'll get nothing but a smile just like that of facebook emoticon that they post or send out to their chatmates when they ran out of words to say. What I'm saying is, It looks like this generation can't seem to deal with this 21st century and the modernization manipulates them instead of them manipulate this digital age.This fact is directly observable in a third world countires like Philippines and this is not taking us to somewhere better if we are talking about the future.

In selecting college course, rarely that I encounter young people who speak about the exact thing that they want to their life. Some of them are so honest that they humiliate themselves for having no idea of what they want to be while some of them even boast their plans to their lives that are obviously just a product of other people's ideas primarily their parents'. Yes, I mentioned parents. Large number of upcoming college students have their courses picked by no one but their parents. I think this is not just applicable for this generation as few have this same problem in the past but why should this thing has to go on? Is it because you really can't figure out yet what you want or you just don't really care?

I see a lot of young people busy playing online games, talking about latest trends and fooling themselves with all this flirtings and relationship stuff. Im not a conservative person but among all things that you can be busy with, why waste your time finding an intimate partner like you are entitled to do this together with other stuff while you are 17? And why would you spend tons of your time playing COC etc. when the rest of the world are struggling on how to make both ends meet?  Maybe you have so much means to waste time and resources because you happened to be a lucky bastard sucking up your parent's hard earned money but would you be a little considerate and start moving your ass to do something productive or meaningful? Now having these things that are obviously and unimaginably rampant these days, how would you expect a young people decide and make directions for themselves?

I'm not gonna mention any specific courses that young people are crazy about these days coz its really obvious what basically are they thinking right now. Its obvious what really are their priorities and sad to say, education is not one of them. They say that you go into college not to be smarter or brighter but only to get title so you can apply to what you think is higher or at least decent paying job  once you graduate. Isn't it a misconception about taking a higher education? In the Philippines, you can hear both parents and children agreeing that in order to get a job, you dont even need to graduate, just spend couple of years in college and you'll land a job somewhere. You know what I'm talking about. Really? Is that how things should go? Then at the end of the day, households will blame the government for not providing enough means for quality education. Yes, we blame the government often for our misseries but have we tried to make things better from our end? From a desperate point of view when it comes to higher education, I dont think that we have a full right to blame institutions why we fail after getting a college degree.

In some countries, they have rich resources of labor force that came from a balance proportion of skilled workers especialized on different fields. In the Philippines what do we have the most? Nurses, ITs, engineers etc.? Does this country even maximize the use of those mentioned overlapping population of proffesionals when only half of them ended up on where they are suppose to go? My point now here is, why keep pushing yourself to something that you obviously just took for granted then after a while of wasting time acquiring it, you'll either regret or blame things on why you ended up to be such a loser?

On a philosophical point of view, I don't think that we have to take higher education to just earn money consequently. We take higher education to be a better person. We take higher education so we can spend the rest of our lives with the path that we have chosen. We desire to have that diploma on our hands to establish contentment not solely by means of money but also by principle. Can you even speak of principle after you graduated from something that later you realized is not something that you want?

Finally, I say to the youth who are attempting to go to college this year, choose a course that best fit your interest and not something that you just learned from your parents or friends. Otherwise, take sometime to think about it. You don't necessarily need to enroll to college right away after highschool just to see yourself doing something that you don't like and regret later on. Take sometime and think over about things. You don't need to be on a rush if you haven't made up your mind yet. Be someone useful not just for yourself, not just for your family but also to the community. Stop being a bullshit and start planning for your life.