Sunday, February 22, 2015

RH Night

And so here I am again drinking my all time favorite Red Horse Beer while watching Leila Barros Beach Volleyball and Becky Hammon's Basketball Career Highlights. Its been a while since I did this and I missed it so much. Sunday's could be this chilly and lonely as this thing suggest and I'm certain that it will last for quiet a while.

Me, falling in love is like Halley's Comet (not Hale–Bopp that we saw in 1997 coz it appears every thousand years) that , only appears and happen every several decades. I tried to break this "curse like" event but I failed. I tried to feel it as soon as I got up from a previous relationship but I failed. Despite that I keep hearing that love can be learned, it appears that I'm not a fast learner when it comes to that so lets say I'm in a class where everybody is learning about love, for sure I won't get my diploma at a given time. I suck when it comes to lovelife and I hate that fact .

In almost my 28 years of existence, I've only remembered falling thrice and ended up having a relationship with two of them. Relationship that didn't last long coz Im not likely to be with them for a long time and thats another problem. When I heard my mom sounding like she wants to have a granddaughter from me, I felt sad simply because, I just can't produce one. I mean, I can have that whenever I want to but having a child is not like asking a hen to lay eggs. You gotta have it with someone you love or else just go to the nearest sperm bank and bear 533 children and have your life retold in a movie. You know I'm saying?

Now I'm looking at this girls over you tube who are famous in sports which I'm certain no man in this planet could deny they're damn hot. And I'm telling myself, "Why can't I end up having a relationship with one of these?" And a voice came in "Coz they couldnt afford to be just your personal entertainment". Right, you dont get to a relationship just to be entertained. It means that joking can be done in many things but if you have a real balls, try not to do it in a relationship. Unfortunately and I admit, I've done it and I'm telling you, It's not fun. Boy if you are reading this, spare those innocent girls at once and have some life, seriously. My point is, if you wanna have some fun, share it with someone you dear and not just with someone you only want to flirt.

I'm on a second bottle of Red Horse now while chatting with  my Thai friend, while watching Leila and Becky and while writing this (what a multi tasking) and I'll be drunk in a moment but the fact stays. There are so many precious things in this world and one of them is love. If its a true a love, its not just precious, its a gem, probably a diamond. I'd like to have one. But for now...all I have is my sparkling, ice cold Red Horse. Cheers! :)