Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Friend Zone

I wrote this poem back in 2008 and this is the one of the few that survived from my blog. I wrote this for myself when I fell for someone that can never be mine (or maybe that was just my premature conclusion). Now I'm sharing it for those who are afraid to take a risk but still want a connection with that person through the most universal relationship...FRIENDSHIP.

I dont know whats happiness till i see you smile
I only know sadness not until you arrive
With your eyes so beautiful and your mysterious glance
You always make me wonder and you make my heart dance

If I had lived during Da Vinci's time and he asked me a favor
To find a model for his Mona Lisa with a smile so beautiful,
I will recommend you coz no one else has it
No one else has that smile, a smile just so perfect.

Your charm is undeniably strong
I doubt that you practiced it coz i'm certain for you its inborn
You got me stuck up the first time i saw you
It was unbelievable I thought you're not true

But though you put me in a bit of shock I managed to recover
I composed myself and put back things in order
I tried to convince myself that no! Angels arent real
And I was wrong coz if they dont exist, then what are you doing here?

You are capable of changing other soul's kind of thinking
Coz when I picked up my broken heart, I promised not to fall again
What kind of power do you possess to make me change my mind?
Is it supernatural or we're just destined to collide?

Even though we collide I assume you dont care
You are what you are so who I am anyway?
But in case and in some instance i got a bit of your attention
Please dont throw me that madness yet, I won't even ask for affection.

If maybe I get a chance to get to know you better
If I ever get lucky to hear a word from an angel
I would behave myself coz i dont want you to be gone
Guess all i want is to let you know, im your friend if you still need one