Thursday, December 3, 2015

WANTED: Leader (a real one pls.)

When we speak of leadership, lets start with Alexander the Great, Shi Huang Di, then Julius Caesar, then Napoleon Bonaparte, then Abraham Lincoln, then Joseph Stalin, Theodore Roosevelt and lets include Hirohito, Hitler and Mao Zedong. Let's put Syngman Rhee, Lee Kuan Yew, Ferdinand Marcos, Putin, Obama and Xi Jinping on this list. All of them share a kind of leadership unique to their time and were concluded of either bad or good base on different perspectives. However, they made a mark (and making a mark) in the history and helped forming the civilization thus influenced the leaders to come. Those leaders who were mostly ruthless, immoral and "without manners" but bad ass helped founding wealthy and progressive countries in Europe, Asia and America. Philippines was once included on those countries not until they banned the concept of true leadership and embraced the moralist approach on running the government which taught by the church.
Church which is filled with extreme politics, corruption and lies which has been running for 2000 years now is responsible for this misery. You may say that I dont respect the church at this point and I will respect your judgement cause we're different. It seems like we only use respect when there are differences and since church is not different with our government, and Im a citizen and a taxpayer, I dont give a sh*t, I won't respect the church.
Its 2015 and we're still slave of extreme fanaticism disguising as being religious or being son of god which makes us think that we're moralist. Should I use "iron hand" on enforcing the law? Nah, this is Philippines. Use that somewhere else, we're moralist here and that's against the God's will. People here don't like violence...coz violence kills...but were dying from starvation, poverty (and traffic condition will kill us soon). Rizal agreed that tomorrow will come and Philippines will be alleviated from this dreadful situation once one of these youth which he called as "hope" rises up and leads this country. I would say..."Its been a long day Lolo Rizal. I'm not sure if its the tomorrow that were missing or the leader that you are pertaining to."

I rest my case.