Friday, October 24, 2014

6 Reasons Cheaters Are in the Call Center

What you are about to read on this post are only applicable to those who deserve to be called as a cheater in the call center world. This exclude the ones that work on daytime as well as those who are not in the Philippines set up.

1.      Necessity for immediate outlet- Call center is a stressful job. You get to experience different kind of pressure each night and so you need an outlet to release your tensions. Some folks find escape through smoking or drinking after shift but some take it to a different level which called flirting. Married, single, legally separated or not legally separated and even those who are not annulled yet are engaging to the exciting but dangerous world of cheating in this industry. The demand for the immediate affection is so high that some don’t bother to have an affair with their co-agents while they already have one at home. Compare to other jobs, call center set up has more tempting environment. As agent, you don’t have your own cubicle or office that can give you a bit of solitude or place where you can think clearly before you act. Instead, you have to work on a certain area (which is always busy and noisy) together with your teammates and other agents where open interaction is always present. Hence, since it’s a stressful job and due to accessibility, you get to socialize with them easily and voila, you make tons of friends including few of  potential prospects.
2.      Boring and monotonous working hours- In this job, you have to stay at work at least 9 hours everyday or shall I say, every night. If you’re newbie, you will find the job as something you need to focus and you can’t tolerate boredom. But as days goes by and thanks to same routine everyday, you find yourself in the midst of a tremendous boredom. Because call center is a “live Facebook” and you can easily talk to your vast network of friends, you can easily find someone to have a conversation with. It commonly happens during break time or even at operations. Because you think you have to kill some time to refresh your mind with some funny chit-chat, you get hooked up to that person until both of you realize that some form of attraction is already forming between the two of you. That would either continue or stopped depending on the level of your consciousness and discipline. It is almost fine, no problem except the fact that…you are already committed to someone… cheater!
3.      Emotional deprivation- You are exhausted and strained from this environment and any niceness that would come on your way would be highly appreciated. You are less rational, meaning you cant think straight and right coz you are in great need of other soul who can understand your situation. Since call center is surrounded by lots of pervs, womanizers and vultures, you exposed yourself to them, they saw your vulnerability and they wasted no time to attack you. You might be single or already in a relationship but when you are sleepless and tired, your emotion is the one who makes decision for you. You will slowly fall into the world of unfaithful and cheater human beings.
4.      Abundance of resources- Compare to other jobs, call center pays a bit bigger especially for entry level type of workers. Because average age in the call center is 20-25, young and probably immature, all they want is to spend money to whatever their material body desire. This kind of attitude attracts the same specie who sees world as all material and can be moved by money. This is despite the fact they have things to take care of aside from lust and they probably have their own commitment with someone outside work.
5.      Friends OK’d it- Sometimes, its not a single soul that has to be blamed in this kind of immoral activity. Friends tolerate it. You probably know some folks who felt they are so important to their peers that anyone they approved for him/her is ok to be with for a certain period of cheating time. One thing you don’t know is, you really don’t have much of true friends and most of them just ride on for fun. Well you are probably aware of this but you are maybe curious or just really want to be part of the game. At this moment, another soul has received a certified cheater award.
6.      Time zone differences- If your partner is not nocturnal like yourself, she/he would probably not understand so you would resort to your co-agent who knows what its like to be at your situation. Your lucky if your partner can adjust but you have to consider the possibilities that they might give up because of your availability. Remember that you are on a different timezone and you are aware that night job has extreme psychological effects to you. You have great chance of missing daytime events that need your presence except its your day-off. Your maybe able to make it with your partner during the day but still the feeling of having no sleep affects your mental capability as well as emotional capability.

To sum up this list, only call center people understand their own kind and if you have a lover outside of this nocturnal world, theres a great chance for break-up if you lose grip of another reality which states that “despite of the challenges put up by circumstances, you will always stick to one.”