Monday, January 2, 2012

It Will Rain by Bruno Mars (Animated Music Video by Reyner)

Just another boring post-2012 new year celebration. I was playing this amazing PC game called The Movies. All of a sudden, i heard a song called "It Will  Rain" by Bruno M. I got stuck for a moment while listening to its lyrics. From how I understood, the guy is begging her fiancee to stay and don't get affected by her parent's warning.The message is very vivid a dumb lover may easily understand what it means. Its really painful if you lost someone just because you can't bend what your parents ask you to do even it will impair your own happiness. 

So I rushed to my game and begin conceptualizing my customized music vid then afterwards work on making it close to Obra Maestra. It took 4 hours to complete the whole thing. I must say after i finally published this creation, my new year became amazingly complete. I hope you enjoy watching this one. :-)